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Crochet Lampshade with Plastic Bags - about the project

I received many emails request this pattern in English, and although it is so difficult, I tried.  
If you can´t understand, I beg you pardon ,  but it was the best I could do:

About the project: 

This lampshade was made from an academic work of designer Barbara Cremonesi and the crochet piece was made by me.

Below is part of the study and step-by-step instructions for making the entire piece.
Study from the Sustainable Lighting with  Bags Plastic & Crochet.

This study aims to create lamps made with recycled materials, aiming at their inclusion in community work, in addition to environmental awareness and social responsibility.

From research conducted on websites and magazines in the area of design, it was found that its production in Brazil has the craft as one of its purest forms. We also observed that in low-income communities, most residents perform manual labor and craft. In these activities, crochet appears in full evidence.

So we decided to take advantage of crochet for the production of lamps, because being a local culture, we will not insert a new procedure, facilitating the search in labor and employment training.

Currently, forms and procedures recently in exclusive handicraft production, are increasingly being simulated and assimilated into the industry. It's the return of ornament, the "handmade", exclusivity, and a further output gap as the market needs.

As this trend, sustainable design has an active participation in the market and in society, always looking for substitute products and processes with less harmful to the environment.

Therefore, we seek to add the crochet using recycled materials, using plastic bags as yarn, which are easily found and some of the trash that pollute more. Moreover, they enable the production of parts with a great finish and different colors.

The technique of crochet and the use of plastic bags resulted in a product with great financial viability, because the production cost is low, as well as being differentiated, sustainable and commercially.

It is noteworthy that the use of consciously designed plastic bags and other recycled materials used in manufacturing these lamps, will reduce the volume of waste, however, at some point, it will also discards.
For the plastic fuel and be less resistant to heat, the type of fixtures to be produced was limited to lamps, since the use of these parts is designed for indirect lighting and a cozy, necessitating the use of cold light bulbs, such as compact fluorescent spiral.

Lampshade structure:

• O3  embroidery hoops (15 cm diameter);
• 4 scraps of plywood (30 x 2 x 0.04 cm);
• Acrylic paint color black  and  appropriate brush;
• Wood glue;
• 01 lamp circular plastic in black.


1. Make marks on stripes and hoops

2.Glue the pieces ( with wood glue):

3 .Paint the piece with black acrylic paint

Crochet  Lampshade Cover:


• Black and white plastic bags as yarn;

• crochet hook size G (4 mm).
1. Start making 73 crochet chains with black yarn:

2. Start the Ripple stitch: * 03 sc joining together , 1 sc in next st 05 times, 03 sc in the same st  , 01 sc at  next st  05 times*,  repeat  *.* until end of rnd;  


3. Make 03 rounds with black. After, 03 rnds with white. Change colors each 3 rnds until to make sure it fits, but finished with white.  Join white and black with sc. Weave in ends.


4. Around the wood piece ( bottom and top) cover with sc . After fixed the cover in the base with single crochet ( bottom and top):

5. Place the cover on  the lamp and  the piece is ready.  

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